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Does the 1993 Nissan 240SX Still Hold Up?

The 1990s was full of great Japanese sports cars. This is one of them.

It may only have 155 horsepower, but the old Nissan 240SX remains a favorite to this day amongst Japanese sports car and tuning enthusiasts. Although the car is now 20 years old, its styling still looks good (note the pop-up headlights) and it’s a great representative of a cheap sports car that’s become somewhat of a novelty these days. Sure it takes 8.6 seconds to make the sprint from 0-60 mph. But this is a mostly stock 240SX, as many owners have done some serious modifications to their cars that greatly improve that time.

Now, despite its overall lack of driving refinement and performance, there’s something very pure about this car. There’s no traction or stability control or airbags. But what it does have is a manual gearbox, rear-wheel-drive and a long wheelbase, making it ideal for drifting.

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