Does The BBC Seriously Think It Can Do This To Top Gear?

All options are open.

With Jeremy Clarkson officially out of Top Gear, the BBC is trying to figure out how to reformat the show. After all, Top Gear is one of its hottest properties, so getting it right is essential. The latest rumor, according to the UK’s Independent, is that the BBC is still trying to lure Richard Hammond and James May back with lucrative contracts, despite the fact that both have already quit the show. But the BBC is also considering this: a new guest host every week that’ll work alongside two permanent ones.

Obviously nothing has been finalized at this point, and nor have we heard anything definite regarding the future plans of Jezza, Hammond, and May. Will the trio start their own new show? Will the latter two return to the new Top Gear? We’re as anxious as all of you to know what’ll happen.

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