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Does the BMW i8 Stand a Chance Against the Porsche 911?

Drag Race / 56 Comments

To be completely honest, no. At least not in a drag race.

They really couldn't be any different, and yet they're both aimed at the same group of potential buyers. One is very familiar in terms of shape, powertrain, and attitude. The second is a complete unknown by comparison. We're talking about the Porsche 911 Carrera S and the BMW i8. The 911 is the ideal everyday high-performance sports car. It just does everything well, as Richard Hammond so correctly put it. But the i8 represents the future in many ways.

With its carbon fiber-rich components and advanced hybrid powertrain, it proves that the sports car is no longer an endangered species. But the question today is how does it stack up against the 911 in a drag race. Is this even a fair fight? The guys over at Evo couldn't resist finding out.

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