Does The Crazy Rainbow Wrap Make This Car Look Ugly?

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Take a closer look and you be the judge.

We've seen plenty of awesome tuned and modified Nissan GTR R35s as of late. One of the coolest ones that we recently featured was from Vancouver and had a sick matte black wrap, Liberty Walk body kit and 5-spoke concaved Brixton wheels. The tasteful mods on this car seemed to get an overwhelmingly positive response. The latest customized R35 that we've come across has also got some awesome aesthetic styling, but we're willing to bet that the feedback regarding this GT-R will probably be a little bit more mixed than the one from Vancouver.

The car has a full BenSopra body kit which includes flared front and rear wheel arches that look similar to the Liberty Walk kit. The massive rear wing also has a similar likeness to Liberty Walk styling as well. Additionally this R35 is kitted out with a full set of gorgeous matte black wheels. However, what really sets this GT-R apart is the blinding chrome rainbow wrap that covers half of the vehicle. Do you love it or hate it?

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