Does The Ford GT's Design Push The Envelope For A Supercar?

The supercar's aerodynamics are unlike anything else.

The upcoming Ford GT is going to be an absolute riot when it comes out. In addition to its 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 that’s good for more than 600 hp, the supercar has a futuristic body design that’s not only stunning, but also functional. Ford wanted the new GT to perform with the best and made sure that the small details of the supercar were perfect for on and off track performance. While designing the supercar, Ford quickly realized that it would be in a class of its own on the track and went on to design a hardcore version for racing.

The GT’s design doesn’t just give the supercar it’s futuristic look, but incredible performance too. Did Ford go to far with the GT’s design or does it look good?

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