Does the Lamborghini Huracan Look Bad Ass Enough?

Perhaps it should have looked more like the Sesto Elemento.

Look at the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento. Now look at the Huracan. Look at the Egoista, Veneno and even the Aventador. Now back to the Huracan. Is it just us or does this latest fighting bull’s design seem a little too tame? We’re not by any means saying the Huracan is bad-looking. We just didn’t get the same wow factor as when those aforementioned Lamborghinis were unveiled.

We were blown away when Ferrari revealed the 458 Italia. But so far the Huracan isn’t giving us the same thrill. Granted we haven’t seen it in the flesh yet and won’t until March at Geneva. Along with official Lamborghini images, our spy photographers also recently snapped some pics of the Huracan filming a commercial in Los Angeles. It does look better here, especially with that bright orange paint, but we still think its lines are too smooth. They needed to be edgier, angrier, and more Sesto Elemento-like. Performance is sure to be impressive and should match up nicely against the 458. We’ll hold off on final judgment for now, but it's something to ponder over in the meantime.

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