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Does the Macan Have What it Takes to be a True Porsche?

There's no way Porsche was going to mess this up.

When the Porsche Cayenne first launched, many brand purists felt betrayed. How could their beloved Porsche sell out its sports car soul in order to build an SUV? Well, the Cayenne has been a phenomenal success, and Porsche is hoping its new Macan will share the same fate. But until just a few years ago, the premium small SUV segment didn’t exist. That all changed when the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque hit the market.

There was no chance Porsche was going to sit back and do nothing, and the Macan is its answer. From looks alone, the Evoque now has something to worry about. But how does the Macan perform? Does it drive like a CUV or a sports car? Is the Porsche sports car spirit still there? XCAR gets behind the wheel to find out.

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