Does The New Ford F-150 Raptor Prove That V6s Are The New V8s?

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The Ford GT is getting a V6 too, and we're sure nobody will complain.

The new Ford Raptor is a beast, but a refined one at that. Some people complained that making this type of offroad tyrant easy to live with transforms it into a tame bore. Ford is on the verge of releasing the 2017 Raptor, and is determined to show us that this one is no slouch. By the looks of it, a smaller engine and multiple driving modes don't hinder the performance because this Ford rips through the desert without flinching. Expect the paddle-shifter equipped Raptor to hit the dealerships in the US during fall of this year and abroad not long after.

Watch the 2017 Raptor below and start saving for the truck.

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