Does The Porsche 911 R Really Hold Up To Its Claimed Performance Metrics?

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It's easy to find out on the autobahn.

Experiences don't get more visceral than going on a high-speed tour of Germany's autobahn in a Porsche 911 R. The manual race car is driven by a 4.0-liter flat-six that makes around 500 horsepower. Porsche claims that this kind of output allows the 911 R to hit 201 mph and outrun anything, but what's the point of having the capacity to hit those speeds if they only remain numbers on paper? That's why Evo decided to inquire about the Porsche's capabilities directly and see if it really is the ultimate car for enthusiasts.

Armed with one standard issue 911 R and one autobahn, they set out to test the car. They found that Porsche was off the mark by 3 mph...but in which direction?

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