Does The Toyota Highlander Hybrid Prove Crossovers Can Be Efficient?


Does anyone care about saving money at the pump anymore?

The rise of the thirsty SUV as a result of falling oil prices has taken some attention away from large crossovers and minivans that were designed to sip rather than guzzle gasoline. One of the best examples of this is the Toyota Highlander Hybrid, which is our latest unboxing video subject. The three-row crossover comes powered by a V6 engine and a pair of electric motors that combine to produce 280 hp. Paired with a CVT, the hybrid Highlander enjoys 28 mpg combined fuel economy. Not bad for a truck that weighs 3,500 pounds.

Buyers are being asked to pay a premium for this hybrid powerplant. So the question they have to ask themselves is: will I save enough money over the course of owning the Highlander Hybrid to justify the additional outlay at the time of purchase?

Or should buyers just opt for the regular V6-powered model? Check out the video to find out. Special thanks to Toyota Marin in San Rafael, California, for letting us shoot the Highlander Hybrid Limited.

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