Does This $10,000 EV Really Have A Chance To Succeed?

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If you like the idea, you may be able to help this company succeed.

Last year, an entrepreneur named Storm Sondors launched an IndieGogo crowd funding campaign for an electric bicycle. The Storm eBike had a price of $499 and the campaign raised over $2 million with over 4,000 units ordered. Now the successful entrepreneur is planning to launch a three-wheel, three-seater electric vehicle called the Model Sondors. The newly-formed Sondors Electric Car Company won't have a physical prototype until the end of 2017, so details are minimal at the moment. However, the target price point is going to be $10,000.

Autoblog reports that the body will be made out of aluminum with an electric range of 50, 100, or 200 miles. According to the company the car can be "charged by plugging it into the same outlet you plug a smartphone into every day."

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To help start the car company, Sondors is starting a campaign on StartEngine. This offers individuals the opportunity to buy $12 of common shares in the company with a $120 investment to raise an initial $1 million. In addition to the shares of the company, this investment also counts as your reservation for the car. Sondors hopes to reach 120,000 orders on his way to profitability. It may be a long shot for this company to succeed, but you never know. We think a $10,000 EV would be very useful to people who need basic transport over short distances. We would love to see this company succeed.

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