Does This $140,000 M3 Prove That E30 Prices Have Gotten Out Of Hand?


We know it is a "special" car, but wow.

The prices for E30 BMW M3s have been skyrocketing for a few years now, and we have seen some outrageous prices touching almost $200,000. We know the E30 M3 is a classic, but at that price you are deciding between a 25-year old BMW, a new 911 Turbo, or Mclaren 570S. We love a good classic like any other car enthusiast, but that decision just seems a bit silly. The latest E30 M3 to reach crazy prices is this 1990 M3 Evo III. Only 600 examples were ever built and this one was owned and maintained by a BMW Car Club members for most of its life.

Clearly the club members did a good job maintaining it, because it looks almost brand-new. The Evo III came with changes like brake cooling ducts in place of fog lights, an adjustable splitter and rear wing, and an enlarged displacement 2.5-liter engine with a Getrag 265 gearbox, a limited-slip differential, and improved brakes. This particular car is chassis number AC79160, and was originally registered to the tuning company Alpina in Germany. Shortly after, it was sent to BMW specialist Windynook Motorsport, where the car was used as a company demonstrator and fitted with upgrades from Schnitzer, which are still on the car today.

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The car is being auctioned by SilverstoneAuctions, who say that the original steering wheel is available. The car has been repainted and had its clutch, brakes and cooling systems replaced during its life, and it has only done 65,000 miles. It will be auctioned off at the NEC Classic Motor Show Sale 2016, in Birmingham, UK, on November 12 and is expected to fetch between $115,880-$140,275 based on auction estimates. Even though this version of the E30 M3 was never sold in the US, the car is over 25 years old, so you could import it if you win at auction.