Does This Beautiful McLaren P1 GTR Look Too Good To Be True?

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Our minds are blown.

From the moment we saw these beautiful high definition pictures of the McLaren P1 GTR racing around the track our gearhead minds were absolutely blown. The shots are so clear and the colors look so vivid that we could practically smell the hypercar's exhaust fumes in the CarBuzz office. However, before we continued drooling over our keyboards any longer, we snapped back to reality and realized that something wasn't quite right. This P1 just looked too good, even for a McLaren.

So how could this be? Well, quite simply, the photos are actually newly released screenshots from the Playstation 4 video game Driveclub. Yes, we know this is a hard come down for any hypercar fan, but we totally sympathize with all of you who had the same initial reaction that we did. On the plus side, at least the makers of this video game did justice to the awesomeness of the P1 GTR.

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