Does This Custom Huracan Really Qualify As A Special Edition?

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If you like orange paint then YES.

German auto tuner DMC has an impressive reputation for taking some of the world's most high-end vehicles to the next level of style and performance. The tuner is particularly well-known for its expertise in tuning and kitting out Lamborghinis. In fact, only a few months ago the company unveiled a spectacular Stage 3 styling kit for the Huracan that made the supercar look even more aggressive than it already does.

DMC has now taken aftermarket styling on the Huracan to another level with the unveiling of its new DMC Lamborghini Huracan "Cairo Edition." However, the styling on the Cairo Edition clearly borrows identical pieces from the recently unveiled Stage 3 aero kit. The most notable similarity is the adjustable rear wing with three different settings; City Cruising, GT Track Day or Fun Mode. The Cairo Edition Huracan from DMC also features the same front lip, side skirts and wide forged alloy wheels as the Stage 3 kit. The only feature that sets the car apart is the wild orange and black paint scheme and interior amenities. Does some fresh paint and leather really make this car worthy of being called a special edition?

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