Does This Custom Rolls-Royce Make You Yearn For Art And Culture?

It makes us want our own bespoke Rolls.

Here’s yetanother bespoke Rolls-Royce, which is dubbed the Rolls-Royce Phantom Zahra. Unlikeother recent custom Rolls-Royces that we’ve seen, this one is inspired by the owner’sfervor in regard to culture and the arts. As with any bespoke vehicle, the Rolls-RoyceZahra has a host of elements that make it unlike any other vehicle on the road.For one, the exterior of the extended wheelbase Phantom is finished in a shadeof black, while the hood, pillars, roof and decklid are finished in silver.

The exterior is definitelyclassy and elegant, but the interior takes it to a whole new level. On theinside, the Rolls-Royce Zahra has custom embroidered motifs on the seats thatare stitched in silver, white leather seats, silver piping, dark black timberand an incredible Starlight Roof. It’s an extraordinarily elegant Rolls-Royce,but it doesn’t really scream arts and culture to us.

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