Does This Drag Race Prove That Launch Control Is A Gimmick?

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Perhaps we'd be better off rowing our own gears.

It's becoming something of a standard for any premium performance car: launch control. The system works by combining an electronic accelerator and a computer. The specially designed software controls a car's acceleration based on engine specs in order to allow it to gain speed from a standstill as quickly as possible without any drive wheel spin, engine failure, and transmission issues. Essentially, the driver presses a few buttons and the car will handle the rest. Does that take all of the fun out of it?

Whatever your opinion may be, Auto Express recently did an interesting drag race of sorts, comparing the launch control systems of the Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS, BMW M4, and Mercedes-AMG C63. A VW Polo with a manual tranny, as it turns out, ain't so bad after all.

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