Does This Hotel Have A Better Car Collection Than Jay Leno?

No, not even close. But this is still awesome.

This hotel isn’t your everyday Holiday Inn or Marriott Express. The PeninsulaHotel, located in Shanghai, provides an unparalleled experience, including completely lavish rooms,lobbies, and restaurants. Most importantly however, it has an ever expandingfleet of luxury cars, worth several million dollars. The cars are used astransportation for the guests, because the high-profile people staying theresimply couldn’t bear to sit in a run of the mill Lincoln Continental.

The fleet includes several Mini Cooper Sports, a few BMW 6 and 7 Series, many Rolls-Royces and now a brand new BMW i8. The cars are always kept extremely clean and in perfect mechanical condition. We suspect the manager is a serious Bimmer fan because all the cars available at the hotel are owned by BMW. The customers at the hotel can request to be chauffeured in any of the cars, or if they are lucky, they might be allowed to take one out for a spin themselves. In addition to the car fleet, there are also yachts, helicopters, river boats and tuk-tuks available for usage. Check out these beautiful photos they have provided to entice us to stay there next time we are in Shanghai.

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