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Does This Leaked Image Prove The BMW M2 CSL Already Exists?

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But has BMW even signed off on production?

For those who think the M2 and the M2 Competition can't get any better, well, just wait. Over the past few months, we've heard rumors the guys in Munich are planning yet another M2 variant, the CSL. Or could it be called the CS? Of course the automaker is remaining mum on the subject, but that silence may no longer be relevant. Thanks to BMW Blog, this here leaked all but confirms not only this more hardcore coupe's existence but also its name. An unnamed source provided this dashboard image to BMW Blog, and it very clearly shows the car's name: M2 CSL.

Now, it's important we also point out, again according to BMW Blog's sources, that the green light has yet to officially be given for the M2 CSL, meaning the car is probably, more or less, ready to go, but a business case has yet to be made. BMW is known for testing different drivetrains and configurations, some of which never reach production. Fortunately, the M2 CSL's chances are good.

Not only has the reception to the M2 Competition been outstanding, but base M2 sales remain solid. After all, it's M models like the M2 that are keeping the manual transmission alive in the US. But given the M2 Competition's stellar reviews, there is always room for improvement. For example, there's room for additional weight loss and more aggressive suspension tuning.

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Even the S55 engine could stand to gain a bit more horsepower and torque, exceeding the M2 Competition's 410 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque. After all, this is the same engine found in the current M3/M4 where it produces a maximum of 453 hp and 443 lb-ft. Another thing working in favor of the M2 CSL is time. BMW has plans in place to continue building the M2 until sometime in 2021. Therefore, the M2 CSL could serve as a limited production car to mark the pinnacle of M2 performance capabilities. It'd be one hell of a way for the M2 lineup to end its production life cycle.