Does This Pagani Really Have A Ball Massager In The Seat?

Pagani thought of everything.

The Pagani Huayra is one of the sweetest hypercars available on the market. Everything about it is just over the top and badass. From its incredible space-age styling, to the copious amounts of carbon fiber and the ridiculous 730 horsepower from that twin-turbo V12 under the hood, there’s nothing to not love about this car. In fact, it even has what's rumored to be either an air-conditioning vent or a massaging duct placed right in the middle of the driver’s seat between the crotch. In other words, this hypercar apparently does everything, including ball massages.

Could it be true? Did Pagani really go there? There’s only one sure fire way to find out: ask someone who owns one. Thankfully for us, we know just the guy. Check out one of our favorite car guys, Salomondrin, as he shatters the Pagani ball massager rumors and breaks down 10 things you probably didn’t know about brand.

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