Does This Poor Pontiac Have A Chance Against A 225,000-Pound Bulldozer?

No, but it's still fun to watch it get crushed.

There’s not much you need to know about the Pontiac Firefly. It was a nondescript car sold only in Canada. This one must have been special to its owner, though, as he decided to give it a pretty badass goodbye. According to the description of this video, “the Firefly was a tough little beast, driving through snow, ice and sleet racking up over 300,000 kilometers.” Canadian winters are no joke, and surviving 186,411 miles of them is an accomplishment.

No, the Pontiac never stood a chance against this 225,000-pound Caterpillar D11. But at least this death is cooler than the slow one it would have died in the junkyard.

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