Does This Rich Kid Really Own A Super Rare LaFerrari?

This has to be his daddy’s car.

The streets of Monaco are no stranger to beautiful hypercars. Photos and videos appear every day of the latest incredible vehicles to hit the streets of the French Riviera. However, every so often we see something that makes us do a double take, and that's what we have here. What makes this video particularly crazy is not just the caliber of the car being driven, a super rare $1.5 million LaFerrari, but also the age of the driver. The guy driving the car looks like he just passed his drivers test yesterday.

This leads us to believe that there’s no way he’s really the owner of the LaFerrari and that he’s just a lucky rich kid taking his daddy’s car out for a joyride. Judging by the ridiculous grin on the passenger’s face as the young driver revs the engine, we’re quite confident in making this assumption. What do you think?

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