Does This SEMA Tune Job Prove The McLaren 570S Looks Too Tame?

SEMA 2016 / Comments

Funny how gigantic carbon fiber aero bits will do that.

No one would accuse the McLaren 570S or 570GT of looking boring, buy it doesn't exactly look outrageous like a supercar should either. Enter tuning company Vorsteiner. It decided to give both 570 models a sinister new look for SEMA 2016, with the resulting creation almost looking like it belongs in a GT3 race. Look at that massive wing and tell us otherwise. The American company specializes in carbon fiber and forged alloy wheels, so it's no surprise that the lightweight material was used liberally here or that this car sits on custom wheels.

Vorsteiner added a new carbon fiber front end complete with a beefier splitter and wider air intakes. Obviously the real party is out back, though. Downforce via carbon fiber the order of the day, with the aforementioned massive rear wing mounted to the bumper. The decklid spoiler has also been enlarged noticeably, and if you look below you might be able to spot a new diffuser. The entire package rides on a set of Vorsteiner forged alloy wheels, but customers will be able to slot a variety of different wheels onto their cars. If anyone out there owns a McLaren 570S or 570GT and is serious about cutting down their lap times, these are the guys to call. Hell, give them a call if you just want to make your McLaren meaner in general, added drag be damned.

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