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Does This Subaru WRX Driver Realize The Car Is On Fire?

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Stranger things have happened at the Nurburgring.

Whenever we bring you a Nurburgring video, it typically involves either a crash of some sort, or a spy video of an upcoming performance car. Neither of those scenarios apply today. This is something just as entertaining and, perhaps, kind of unusual. The Subaru WRX hatchback you're about to see is on fire. Although not totally engulfed in flames (or even close to it, really), there's still a fire happening on the vehicle's underside.

The driver is clearly aware that something not good is going on, hence him pulling off to the right side of the track, allowing other drivers, whose cars aren't experiencing a similar mishap, to pass on by. There is smoke coming from underneath the Subie, and that's probably the dead giveaway to the driver and co-pilot that something ain't right.

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But are they even aware there's a fire? Doesn't appear so, because they keep on moving instead of finding a place to pull over. The first rule when there's a car fire is to get out and as far away as possible from that car. Because the pair isn't doing that, it's fair to assume they're unaware of the flames beneath them. Somehow things worked out because there hasn't been anything in the news regarding a Subaru WRX blowing up at the 'Ring.