Does This Video Show A Honda Civic Type R Testing In California?

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It looks a bit too tame if you ask us.

The wait for the Honda Civic Type R is going to stretch a few more months. Hell, we wouldn't be surprised if the hopped-up hot hatch didn't make its stateside debut until late summer 2017. That means there is plenty of time to speculate on how the production version will differ from the Type R prototype shown at the 2016 Paris Motor Show. Will Honda really go all in and make the Type R a badass or will it be a bit more toned down, like the supposed Type R seen testing in this video?

This clip was reportedly shot near Honda's corporate headquarters in Southern California. If you're a stickler for details then the exact location is somewhere near the city of Torrance.

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The video is short and blurry and the camera operator has a case of the jitters. Despite all that you can clearly see a massive rear wing and a centrally mounted exhaust. But other than that rear wing this potential Type R looks a lot like the normal Civic hatchback. The differences between the two that we caught are small and include air outlets behind the front wheels. Noticeably absent in this video is a third exhaust pipe-the prototype had three-and any aero bits and bobs aside from the aforementioned wing. (Editor's note: We just saw the third exhaust pipe now. Whoops.) Is this really the Type R out for testing or is it just a Civic hatch with a rear wing playing pretend?

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