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Does This Video Show Volkswagen's New All-Electric Microbus?

Aka it's most recent Dieselgate apology.

There's no question that Volkswagen needs to boost its eco profile thanks to the Dieselgate controversy. Luckily, VW will be bringing a new microbus to the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas that's powered by electricity. What's more is that the automaker has dubbed it the Budd.E. As in buddy. It's almost as if Volkswagen wants to be pals with the public again. Too soon? Maybe so, but there's still hope for the German automaker. However, trying to be cheeky might not help.

This video is a 10-second teaser so don't expect much in the way of your mind being blown. Also, don't blink or you'll miss the entire thing. Boxy and ugly though it may be, it fits the bill for coming up with ways to make up for VW's recent scandal.

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