Doing 100 MPH In A Giulia Quadrifoglio 'Blindfolded' Takes Serious Guts

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Watch this Alfa factory driver attempt to lap Silverstone in a Giulia with blacked-out windows.

Alfa Romeo wants everyone to know that its Giulia sedan is on sale. As such it's made videos like this where a "blindfolded" driver races around Silverstone in a Giulia Quadrifoglio (aka the fast one) in an attempt to break a lap record set back in 1951. Sixty five years ago Nino Farina piloted an Alfa Romeo 159 around Silverstone in 1:44 seconds. Alfa factory driver Ed Morris attempted to best that time while "blindfolded," with fellow Alfa factory driver David Brise guiding him. Why the use of quotes around the word blindfolded?

Because Morris wasn't actually blindfolded! The cabin of his Giulia was blacked out with black vinyl, though. That's a bit of a cop out if you ask us.

Despite said cop out this video is still damn impressive. We certainly wouldn't have had the stones to push a car 100 mph without being able to see the outside. In the end Morris barely best's Farina's 65-year-old record. Our apologies if you consider that a spoiler, but really, what did you think was going to happen here? Alfa Romeo deserves kudos for its creative stunt. Next time they should up the stakes and put Morris in a manual Giulia Quadrifoglio. That would make one hell of a viral video.

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