Doing A No-Look Backflip Over A Speeding Formula E Racer Is Pure Madness

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Please do not try this at home. Ever.

A few years back Kobe Bryant jumped over an Aston Martin DB9 and the entire world freaked out. That stunt was fake, but this video is very much real. It stars professional stuntman Damien Walters, who apparently has always dreamed of doing a backflip over a speeding Formula E car. Formula E might have exaggerated the whole dream bit, but this stunt is very badass as Walters isn't even facing the car when he flips. Luckily the video is long enough to show just how much practice and planning was needed to pull this off.

The practice and prep work is almost as interesting as the actual backflip itself. Of course the actual flip is incredibly cool, so feel free to fast forward to the end if you don't care about the calculations and practice flips.

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