Doing Donuts On A NJ Turnpike In A Camaro Looks Fun But Stupid

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We wouldn't be surprised if we hear of a few related arrests in a week or two.

We all like the idea of doing burnouts, performing donuts, and drifting a rear-wheel-drive sports car. It's seriously good fun, as Richard Rawlings loves to demonstrate. However, Mr. Rawlings generally sticks to his own yard when shredding tires, and that minimizes the risk. Others aren't quite so bright, as we saw last month when a Challenger driver ran out of gas while ripping up the road and subsequently got caught. Last year, we got wind of idiots doing idiot things on a highway before speeding away in a red Chevrolet Camaro. Red Camaros must have some allure to the tire-hating, lawbreaking community (taking heat from the Cars and Coffee Mustangs), as another similar incident has now been caught on camera and posted to Reddit.


This time, fifth- and sixth-gen red Camaros are holding up traffic while someone in a silver Camaro Convertible goes nuts on what appears to be the I-78 westbound near the Port Newark container terminal. A passenger in one of the red Camaros is filming the action up-close on a GoPro or similar camera, while the video we see above appears to be from a motorist who has had to wait behind the mayhem. Thus, there will probably be another angle of this smoky stupidity surfacing online soon - assuming that the police don't catch up with these lunatics before then.


According to reports, local news stations have not yet picked up the story and the police have not issued a statement on the matter, so either the clip just hasn't been seen by the relevant parties or, in the case of the police, a search for the hooligans is already underway.

The Camaro causing the chaos on the New Jersey turnpike appears to have its tags removed altogether, but finding the owners of the red ponycars through their plates and leaning on them to find the one performing the donuts will likely not take the cops very long. We must admit that this looks like fun, but if you can't do it in a safe and legal environment, don't do it at all. Period.

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2017-2022 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Convertible Open Top Chevrolet

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