Domino's And Chevrolet Just Changed Pizza Delivery Forever

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This will revolutionize pizza delivery...forever.

Pizza delivery is amazing. Full stop. Unfortunately, there are times when the pizza is cold and eating cold pizza is not pleasant. Well, Domino's and Chevrolet have created the coolest the world. Called the DXP, it's a Chevrolet Spark converted into a high-tech pizza delivery car with a built-in oven that heats up to 140°F to keep pizzas warm. The DXP delivery car has seating for one and a delivery-focused interior with custom compartments for pizza boxes, drinks, napkins and more.

The Domino's logo on the roof lights up when hot pizzas are being delivered to customers. Personalized decals, including the driver's name, call sign and home base are added on the car for a jet-inspired look. The Sparks' economical four-cylinder engine means that the DXP delivery cars can deliver many pizzas at a time. The cars also have side-mounted lights to keep drivers and orders safe from danger and getting dirty. A whopping 97 of these portable pizza oven-mobiles are on the road right now and more will arrive later, delivering pizzas in the coolest way possible. Domino's and Chevrolet have put in a lot of thought for the best pizza delivery experience and we can't wait to try it out ourselves.

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