Dominos Picks the Future of Pizza Delivery

Local Motors and Dominos have crowd-sourced the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle and chosen the winner from among more than 200 entries.

Domino's Pizza, in conjunction with crowd-sourcing startup automaker Local Motors, has chosen the winner of their "Ultimate Delivery Vehicle" contest. With $50,000 worth of prize money up for grabs ($10,000 of which goes to the winner), over 200 entries were received from designers across the globe, each attempting to revolutionize the way food is delivered to one's doorstep. The winner of the initial design phase was Anej Kostrevic of Slovenia with his Domino's Pack Delivery Vehicle.

The design incorporates delivery-specific technology, such as GPS, an insulated box in the rear to keep food warm, and side and rear chiller drawers to keep beverages nice and cool. Perhaps the most useful feature for the delivery driver is doors that open and close with the passing of a foot...a convenient feature when you're carrying a pizza box. Kostrevic proposed two efficient engine choices for his Domino's Pack delivery car: a Ford EcoBoost 3-cylinder and a Fiat TwinAir two-cylinder. Whether these models will be put into service in any of Domino's 10,000-plus stores remains to be seen, however the crowd-sourcing endeavor is still far from finished.

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