Domino's Reveals Chevy Bolt Pizza Delivery Vehicles

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Get your pie delivered by America's cheapest EV.

The American pizza chain recently purchased more than 800 custom-branded 2023 Chevrolet Bolt EVs to be deployed around the US. These Bolts wear a custom Domino's livery with creative expressions such as "en-pie-ronmentally friendly."

Over the past few years, Domino's has released several new products to revolutionize the pizza delivery business. Some examples include a vehicle with a pizza warmer and a delivery car that drives itself.

These Bolts will arrive at select Domino's locations over the next several months, giving the company the country's largest electric pizza delivery fleet. Along with this announcement, Domino's will give away two Bolts. To be eligible to win, order a pizza online between November 21, 2022, and February 12, 2023, or share a video on TikTok/Instagram saying why you are "pizza's biggest fan."

Domino's Domino's Domino's

The Bolt EV was an attractive choice for several reasons. Starting at $25,600, it is now the cheapest EV you can buy in the US. And since there is no engine, Domino's can save money on maintenance costs.

"We're excited that Domino's has chosen the Chevrolet Bolt EV to build their electric pizza delivery fleet in the US," said Ed Peper, vice president of GM Fleet. "Both companies are committed to bettering our environment. GM plans to eliminate tailpipe emissions from new US light-duty vehicles by 2035. With an affordable price, fun driving characteristics, and a 259-mile range, the Chevy Bolt EV is the future of Domino's electrified deliveries."

Domino's Domino's Domino's

"Domino's launched pizza delivery in 1960 with a Volkswagen Beetle, rolled out the DXP - a custom-built pizza delivery vehicle - in 2015, tested autonomous pizza delivery with cars and robots, and is now leading the charge in the future of pizza delivery," said Russell Weiner, Domino's chief executive officer. "Domino's has always been on the cutting edge of pizza delivery, and electric delivery cars make sense as vehicle technology continues to evolve. We've made a commitment to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, and this is one way we can begin reducing our environmental impact, one delivery at a time."

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