Don't Be Sad: New Toyota Prius Has Been Delayed

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Try not to cry.

It's not really news that Toyota is putting the finishing touches on its next-generation Prius hybrid. The current third-gen model is quickly becoming outdated, yet it still remains a solid seller for the Japanese brand. The Prius has been the world's best-selling hybrid since its 1997 launch. The fourth-gen was due to arrive in the spring of 2015, but now it appears that launch has been delayed. According to Automotive News, the all-new Prius won't debut until December 2015. Try not to cry.

Apparently, engineers are working to improve the car's fuel economy by at least 10 percent thanks in part to its next-gen hybrid system. Toyota hasn't stated the exact reason for the delay, but rumor has it engineers need the extra time to adjust the body and some chassis issues in order to guarantee maximum fuel efficiency. The new Prius will also feature a new gasoline engine with thermal efficiency above 40 percent. The current car has a 38.5 rating. What's more, Toyota likely needs the extra time to further refine the all-new hybrid system itself. The system is being developed to be compatible with more engines, and therefore more hybrid models across the entire lineup.

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