Don't Be Shocked: LaFerrari is Sold Out

A car like this doesn't remain unsold for long.

We all knew this day would come, but it’s still kind of sad now that it’s a reality. The LaFerrari, the fastest production Ferrari ever built, is now officially sold out. Only 499 examples are to be built and all have now found homes. Priced at $1.4 million a pop, just 120 or so are planned to be made available to North American customers. And for those future owners, the LaFerrari is also a sound investment. When the Ferrari Enzo debuted a decade ago, it carried a sticker price of $650,000.

If you want to buy one now you’ll have to fork over about $2 million. If the Enzo literally tripled its value, just think how much the LaFerrari will cost in 10 year’s time. Ferrari executives expect the LaFerrari to follow that same path. Marco Mattiaci, president and CEO of Ferrari North America, said that not only is this car "going to be the benchmark of the auto industry…its trajectory is going to follow exactly the vintage Ferrari cars. This is a unique piece, the first hybrid Ferrari."

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