Don't Be Surprised If Porsche Ditches The Seven-Speed Manual

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...for a six-speed manual.

When Porsche launched the 991 generation of the 911, it also introduced the seven-speed manual, which replaced the six-speed. Not all 911 manual enthusiasts were thrilled. What Porsche really wanted customers to get (read: pay extra for) was the excellent PDK dual-clutch. But according to Car and Driver, because of the massive popularity of the 911R and its six-speed manual, Porsche is feeling the pressure to bring back the six-speed to a wider range of 911 trims.

And yes, that would mean eliminating the seven-speed manual, thus returning to the six-speed or dual-clutch option. Car and Driver spoke with Porsche's R&D chief, Michael Steiner, and the topic of the 911 R's manual came up. Quick backstory: it cost Porsche a lot of money to develop this six-speed for the 911R and because of that car's popularity, 911 buyers, in general, are anxious to experience rowing their own gears with six and not seven gears once again. Back to Steiner: when Car and Driver noted the 911 R's unique six-speed, Steiner replied "From my point of view, it shouldn't be the last. Technically, it is possible to have a six-speed manual gearbox.

"There are good reasons to have such a car, emotion-wise and for driver enjoyment and things like that, but if you look to the mix we have with the Carrera and Carrera S, it's different." Problem is for purists, a seven-speed manual in the Carrera and Carrera S makes them more fuel efficient and because the 911 R is so limited, its six-speed won't hurt Porsche's overall model lineup fuel emissions. Bottom line, Steiner won't rule out completely a six-speed manual in future 911 special editions. One thing is for certain, though: the eventual 911 hybrid will feature a dual-clutch.


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