Don't Buy That Crossover; Get a Wagon or Minivan


Let those who don't know any better be the suckers.

It's sometimes hard to understand why so many buyers opt for a crossover instead of a minivan or wagon. What does a crossover offer over the other two? Honestly, not much. The crossover appeal, simply put, is styling. That's it. Back in the 1990s, when the Ford Explorer was at its height, American families didn't hesitate to swap their station wagons for an off-road capable SUV they had no intention of ever taking off the pavement. Why did they get one? Because the SUV was sexier.

Fortunately, there are realistic alternatives. The Volvo V60 is an ideal example. Others include the Jetta SportWagen and Audi A4 allroad. Another somewhat similar vehicle is the often forgotten Ford Flex. It may officially be classified as a crossover, but in reality it has more in common with wagons. The bottom line is that crossovers offer less space, drink more fuel, and cost more than they should. A minivan, though not as sexy, simply does everything better. Don't need all that space? Then go for the wagon. Remember, the crossover is really nothing more than a sedan made to look like an SUV. Let those who don't know any better be the suckers.


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