Don't Count on Aston Martins Getting AMG Tattoos

Just because AMG will build Aston new V8s doesn't mean it's seeking additional credit.

The recent technical partnership between Aston Martin and Mercedes-AMG can only create good things, especially for the former. Developing new engines that meet modern emissions standards is anything but cheap, and the small UK sports car builder sought a partner for assistance. Mercedes-AMG was willing to be that partner, but for a price. In return for building a new V8 for the next-gen Vantage, Mercedes will receive five percent equity in Aston.

Sounds fair enough, but many have begun to question whether or not future Astons will have some sort of "Powered by AMG" badge tattooed on its body. Aston brand purists definitely wouldn’t like that, but AMG may want some visual credit for its efforts. Fortunately, it has no intention for that. Speaking recently to UK publication Autocar, Mercedes chief Dieter Zetsche stated clearly that "A subtle involvement with Aston Martin is better for us." He also made that clear that "It is up to Aston Martin to make specific product plans. We have only just agreed to a deal in which we announced we would share engines and electrical components."

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