Don't Ever Do These 5 Things Unless You Want To Wreck Your 4X4 Car

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Is there anything Engineering Explained can't explain?

Engineering Explained makes a lot of YouTube videos telling you what not to do in your car, and with good reason. Just because a mistake is easy to make doesn't mean the consequences will be light. In fact, they can often be devastating. Engineering Explained's latest video is all about what not to do in a 4x4. As always the tips are simple ones that could make the difference between a fun day in the mud and a crappy day at the repair shop. What's more is that each tip is explained from the inside of a different 4x4 vehicle.

Despite the sometimes complex explanations the tips are all practical and include never flooring it when you're stuck and when to turn off/turn on traction control when off-road. Does anyone else wish they sat next to this guy during high school physics?

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