Don't Expect the Kia GT4 Stinger to Make Production

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It seems that some Kia execs aren't willing to take a risk on a niche product.

Despite an excellent public reception and plenty of enthusiasm coming from its chief designer, Kia is apparently in no rush to get the GT4 Stinger Concept to production. In fact, it may not happen at all. Designer and now global design boss for Hyundai and Kia, Peter Schreyer, has been trying to convince his superiors in South Korea that such a sporty, rear-wheel-drive coupe and/or roadster is just the thing needed to attract a younger generation of buyers.

Just think what the MX-5 has done for Mazda, or even the TT for Audi. The latter, coincidently, was also penned by Schreyer during his time at Audi. But execs in Soul aren't convinced. They feel that Kia must strengthen its brand image and awareness first, and then move onto niche products. Schreyer, however, believes niche products like the GT4 will boost the brand's image. A sporty rear-wheel-drive four-door coupe, like the GT Concept first shown at Frankfurt back in 2011, isn't happening for the exact same reasons.

It seems to all boil down to this: the South Koreans are less willing to take a chance on daring new and niche products as opposed to the German Schreyer. We say that Kia hired this man for a reason. He knows a thing or two about the business of sports cars and public reception. Perhaps it's best to take his advice on this one.

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