Don’t Hold Your Breath For A Lexus LFA Successor


Because Lexus put it on hold.

The Lexus LFA was unlike any other supercar ever made and will be a hard act to follow, but that doesn’t mean Lexus shouldn’t try. Supercar fanatics and Ferrari haters alike have been wondering when Lexus would build a proper successor to the howling supercar. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it will be out any time soon. Head of Lexus Europe, Alain Uyttenhoven, says Lexus has decided to focus on more affordable performance instead of a LFA successor.

In an interview with Autocar at the reveal of the Lexus LC500h, Uyttenhoven stated, “it is possible that we will one day create another supercar, but in my view a super-high-end machine is not what we need right now.” While that’s bad news, it does make a lot of sense. With a price tag of roughly $375,000, the LFA was reserved for 500 extremely wealthy individuals, which explains why brand-new supercars could still be had two years after production ended. There’s no word on how much the upcoming Lexus LC500 will cost, but it will sure be less than the LFA’s daunting price tag. “The trouble with such cars is that they tend to be cherished and garaged rather than seen on the roads,” stated Uyttenhoven.

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“We are entering more emotional territory and we want ours cars to be seen. But what’s clear is that we can create similar emotion in more attainable cars, and that is our focus now.” The idea to create cars with the same emotional feel as the LFA for less is one that we can get behind, since the majority of enthusiasts don’t have the means to spend six-figures on a vehicle. However, Lexus needs to make sure that its cars don’t just look as good as the LFA, but drive as well too. “For the future who knows,” stated Uttenhoven. “I’m not saying we won’t do another LFA. I just don’t know. But I am certain that we will surprise you in the future with the cars we have planned.”