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Don't Like The New R8? Don't Worry Because The Next One Could Look Very Different


Too bad it's several years away.

One of the chief complaints we’ve been hearing about the all-new 2016 Audi R8 is its exterior design. Simply put, it doesn’t look all that different from the outgoing model. Some even think it looks more like a facelift as opposed to an all-out redesign. It’s hard not to agree (somewhat) with those complaints. But after seeing it in person, we do have to admit the design looks better in the flesh; the changes are much more noticeable.

Still, we couldn’t help fighting temptation by asking Audi’s recently appointed design chief, Marc Lichte, whether or not the new car’s successor will adapt more radical styling. As any good car executive would do, Lichte attempted to dodge the question by claiming the new R8’s design was locked down by the time he was appointed. But we didn’t give up and pressed him a bit further; Lichte admitted that when the time comes, he’d “like to make some changes” reminiscent of the new styling language he introduced with the Prologue concepts. Yes, the next R8 is still years away but at least the man who will likely design it is willing to take it in a different direction.

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