Don't Look For An Autonomous Vehicle From Jaguar Any Time Soon

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The automaker isn't interested in that kind of technology.

Autonomous cars are the new craze, with a drive for the tech infecting automakers like a virus. Fortunately, Jaguar is still intent on making fun-to-drive cars. According to the British automaker, semi-autonomous technology is dangerous and still needs to be developed. Jaguar offers a collision mitigation braking system in its new models, which is capable of slowing the vehicle down in the case of an imminent collision. However, Jaguar's engineers won't go any further because they don't want to provide owners with a distorted sense of security.

In a recent interview with Mashable, Jaguar XF project manager Stephen Boulter stated that the automaker had the same technology to introduce semi-autonomous systems like Tesla's but that it isn't interested in doing so. "We have the same hardware as Tesla," stated Boulter. "To do Autopilot, all you need is electric power steering - you don't need an EV." While that seems like a stretch, Jaguar's Adaptive Cruise Control system utilizes similar digital cameras and radar sensors as Tesla's Autopilot. Jaguar believes autonomous technology isn't ready from a safety standpoint, which makes sense after seeing what Tesla owners were doing with the system. As people that like to drive, we're okay with Jaguar's lack of autonomous tech.

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