Don't Shoot The Messanger: Maserati Issues Recall (Again)

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This time it's for 26,000 Quattroporters and Ghiblis.

At this point it almost pains us to write about another Maserati recall. We'll do it, of course, but that doesn't mean we like to. The Italian automaker has announced a recall for 26,464 Ghiblis and Quattroportes sold in the US, model years 2014-2106. At issue is a bolt that may have been improperly tightened. Said bolt secures the tie rod to the hub carrier assembly in the rear suspension. This loose(ish) bolt could lead to rear suspension failure, which would in turn increase the likelihood of a crash.

So far Maserati isn't reporting any accidents or injuries related to the bolt and says that it only discovered the issue while investigating an excessive noise complaint. Maserati will inspect the bolt and replace the rear tie rod to hub assembly for free if it needs fixing. While this recall doesn't seem so bad it was only a few months ago that we were talking about a Maserati recall for unintended acceleration. Then there was a tiny recall for the GranCabrio and GranTurismo due to a fire risk. Only 33 cars were recalled but around that same time a GranTurismo burned to death in Australia. Recalls and Maserati seem to go together like Alfa Romeo and production delays. Hopefully FCA rights the ship sooner or later.

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