Don't Worry, The Next-Gen Porsche 911 Won't Be Mid-Engined

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Fear not, the next generation Porsche 911 will still be a traditionally tail-happy rear-wheel drive sports car.

The 510-hp, LaFerrari-inspired Porsche 911 RSR managed to perplex the German manufacturer's rabid fanbase for one reason: it's a mid-engined race car, going against the established rear-wheel drive 911. As a result, some feared that the next generation 911, expected to arrive in late 2018 or early 2019, would also be mid-engined, much like the upcoming Corvette C8. Well, worry not Porsche purists: the next 911 will still be a traditionally tail-happy rear-wheel drive sports car, according to Car and Driver.


The engine in the new 911 will, however, possibly be placed slightly further forward to improve balance and weight distribution for an all-round better driving experience. Rear-wheel drive will come as standard, but an all-wheel drive option will also be available on select models, which Porsche has been offering since the 964 model. Apparently, the main reason for retaining the 911's rear-wheel drive setup is to ensure that it remains a passenger car first and foremost. Granted, the rear seats of a 911 are a bit of a squeeze, but it can technically carry four people unlike its mid-engined rivals from Ferrari and McLaren.

And for those who complain that the 911's shape has stayed the same in recent iterations, the next generation model will sport a wider body, particularly at the front where it will have design similarities to the Panemera. It's also suggested that the next 911 will adopt an updated version of the turbocharged flat-six engines you get in the current range, rather than the four-cylinder engines found in the 718 Cayman and Boxster, which will no doubt keep 911 fans happy. Don't forget there is also the possibility of a plug-in hybrid variant of the next 911 model too, offering a range of around 30 miles and an automatic transmission.


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