Donald Trump Threatens To Change How Ford Does Business


Step 1: Tax Ford into nothingness.

Donald Trump was back at it with more plans to make America great again, this time by threatening to tax the crap out of Ford if they continued to build plants in Mexico. Ford has announced plans to double production in Mexico within the next three years, starting with a $1.5 billion plant in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. If Trump becomes president then every car that comes to the U.S. from said plant would be hit with a 35% import tax. It is unclear how Trump would pull off this feat since the president can't impose such taxes due to free trade agreements.

According to Trump, Ford's new Mexican plants will come at the expense of two US plans, although Ford hasn't made any announcement that it will shut down any plants north of the border. Trump also said that he wants Japanese automakers to build cars in America despite the fact that these companies already build more cars in the US than what they import into the country. Whether it makes America great or not, we'd still love to see the Ford Bronco make its way into US dealerships so that it could trump the competition (pun intended).

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