Donk Doing Donuts: Yep, Somebody Did This

And here we thought parking lots were for shoppers.

Welcome to Detroit’s 8 Mile Road. It’s famous for many reasons, and not only because of Eminem. Consider this eight-mile stretch of road passing through the heart of the Motor City as home to many gearheads with a variety of tastes. Including the Donk. These hi-risers that typically consist of American-built cars with a serious amount of ground clearance thanks to the use of extra-large wheels are pretty much a love it or hate sort of thing.

Donks are by and large exclusive to America. Some people simply love this shit. Take this guy, who donk-ified an old Chevy Monte Carlo, showing off his absurd creation by laying down some donuts – with the driver’s side door open. That's Donk innovation for you.

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