Donkervoort Delivers The First D8 GTOs

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The Dutch firm turns out an insanely fast track car.

Being a manufacturer of small superlight track day cars, the Dutch firm of Donkervoort doesn't put out new models often. So the announcement of the all-new D8 GTO model was big news, and now there is the even bigger news that the first six units have rolled off the assembly line in Lelystad and are in the hands of their new owners. Previous Donkervoort models have relied more on low weight than power for their speed, but the D8 GTO seriously raises the bar on power.

Donkervoort has a lot of experience with Audi-built four-cylinder engines, but this is the first model to use Audi's 2.5 TFSI five-cylinder engine, which produces between 340 and 380 horsepower depending on tuning. This combined with a curb weight of around 1,500lbs makes for a very fast car indeed, hitting 60mph in just 2.8 seconds. The low weight comes partly from the minimalist design, but also from extensive use of composites and a carbon fiber body. The first 25 copies of the D8 GTO are part of a numbered series known as the Premium D8 GTO, with production of the regular model beginning next year.

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