Donkervoort Teases New Supercar Inspired By The Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor

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The Dutch carmaker says "it will be worth the weight."

The Dutch aren't generally associated with fast cars, but they've given us some bonkers stuff over the past few years. The main supercars to come out of the Netherlands include Spyker, Donkervoort, and Vencer. Of the three, only one has stood the test of time, primarily for being zanier than the rest. Spyker recently found a new investor, so it might be coming back too.

For now, back to Donkervoort, which recently posted a teaser on its Facebook page. It appears to be about an all-new model called the F22, and the Dutchies say it will be "worth the weight."

Donkervoort Automobielen/Facebook Donkervoort

The fact that Donkervoort mentions weight is troublesome. Donkervoort's reputation is built on producing lightweight Lotus 7-like vehicles powered by the same turbocharged five-pot found in the Audi RS3. Its name literally translates to "go dark," which we've always assumed means buy one and join the dark side. No EVs allowed. The dark side likes to make noise and lots of it.

The name and slogan could go one of three ways. The F22 is likely named after the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor, a plane known for its wild styling and stealthiness. You could fly one of these bad boys right into a bad guy's living room, and he'd have no idea where the rocket came from.

Donkervoort might just be launching a D8 GTO with a glass cockpit for those days you want to use your 400-horsepower, rear-wheel-drive, 1,500 pounds in the rain.

Adding a glass cockpit would definitely add weight, but not enough to actually ruin the car.

Donkervoort Automobielen/Facebook

The other possibility is that Donkervoort's engineers took a break from the local coffee shops' cookies and came up with something a bit less politically incorrect. It won't be the first time a boutique manufacturer decided to go electric.

As mentioned, the F22 was known for its stealth. Even if Donkervoort painted a D8 GTO black and put a bubble over the top, it would still be as stealthy as a baseball bat to the face. But EVs are known for being stealthy. And heavy.

If you look at the D8 GTO's design, there's more than enough room for a battery pack where the engine currently lives and a small rear-mounted EV motor. It could be sold alongside the five-cylinder model for those who still want something more ridiculous than a Porsche Boxster while being environmentally friendly.


The third option, which we're hoping for, is an all-new model. The D8 GTO has been around since 2011, so it could be time for a replacement. Things go a lot slower in the boutique industry, but it's time to let go when a car has been around for almost as long as the Toyota 4Runner.

If the new Donkervoort takes inspiration from the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor, we'd love to see smooth lines, ridiculous wings, and a glass bubble cockpit. Something like the McMurtry Speirling, but less electric.

Audi has been Donkervoort's engine partner since 1999, and the all-new RS3 only arrived in the USA recently. The turbocharged five-pot isn't going away anytime soon, but then again, neither are Audi's electric powertrains.


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