Donkey Damages Carrot-Colored McLaren 650S After Trying To Eat It


The donkey caused $40,000 worth of damage to the supercar after mistaking it for a carrot.

You can imagine the paranoia that must go through some people’s minds picturing scenarios that could harm their exotic supercar when leaving it parked unattended. For the owner of this $365,000 McLaren, their fears were realized when they found their 650S Spider damaged after leaving it parked on the street. The culprit? That would be Vitus the donkey, who apparently mistook the bright orange supercar for a carrot and proceeded to chew on the car's rear, causing $40,000 worth of damage to the paint and carbon fiber.

The incident happened in Vogelsberg, Germany, last year according to The Daily Mail, when German businessman Markus Zahn parked his McLaren 650S Spider next to a paddock where the donkey was contained. Upon returning, he discovered the donkey taking a bite out of the supercar. Zahn tried to claim $40,000 worth of damage through insurance, but only $33,000 was covered as he was deemed at fault for parking so close to the paddock. Zahn then took the donkey's owner to court after they refused to pay for the remaining damages, arguing that the owner should have found a more suitable parking space.

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The court sided with the Zahn, and Vitus’s keeper was ordered to pay the outstanding $6,800, though they can still appeal the decision. "The donkey obviously thought he had stumbled upon a giant carrot," said Zahn, though he could still see the funny side. Parking a $365,000 supercar next to an active donkey paddock probably wasn’t a wise idea. Most supercar owners wouldn’t park their prized possession in an area where there’s a risk of the car getting slightly scratched, let alone eaten by a donkey.