Don't Rule Out Genesis Making A Pickup Truck

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Would a luxurious pickup be a wise move from the Korean automaker?

Once an automaker has established itself within the local market, it's challenging not to at least consider the option of a pickup truck. After all, the Ford F-150 is the top-selling vehicle in North America, with the Ram 1500 and Chevrolet Silverado also racking up solid numbers each month. Hyundai wants a piece of this valuable pie, too, as seen recently when the compact Santa Cruz was spotted for testing.

But what about a more premium pickup from Genesis, Hyundai's luxury arm that is only just entering the SUV fray now? Well, a user named GeeVeeAdmin on GVForum seems to think it would be a fantastic idea, which is why they've rendered a Genesis pickup based on the GV80.

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We have to say, we're already won over by how Genesis' styling cues - such as the large silver grille and individual headlamp strips - transition onto the body of a truck. The rear end is a bit odd, though, looking like an SUV that hasn't yet been finished, but the designer clearly made use of the Santa Cruz's unusually shaped rear window here. The GV80 has the same styling feature, although it only occurs after the C-pillar, obviously not an option on a pickup truck with its exposed bed.

If a GV80-based pickup does ever see the light of day, it could borrow the luxury SUV's 2.5-liter and 3.5-liter turbocharged engines, with the latter producing over 350 horsepower. Currently, Ram's 1500 and 2500 trucks are perceived as some of the most luxurious trucks around, with a plush cabin and a smooth ride quality, bettering even the Ford F-Series in these aspects. A Genesis pickup could take a similar approach.

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For now, there is no confirmation that a Genesis pickup truck is in the pipeline. We've also seen that a premium badge doesn't automatically equal success in the truck segment, as Mercedes-Benz found out with its X-Class (which has never been offered in the US, but didn't sell particularly well in overseas markets). The smaller Hyundai Santa Cruz won't only test the waters for the Korean brand in the truck segment, but it could set the foundation for a range of pickups that eventually wear the Genesis badge.

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