Track Car

Donto P1 is Argentina's Ariel Atom

Lightweight roadster has been presented in production form in Buenos Aires.

Argentina-based Donto Motors won’t be on everyone’s radar. But having just unveiled the Donto P1 in production guise at the Beunos Aires Motor Show after previewing back in 2010, it soon will be. The hardcore track day racer was envisioned as an Ariel Atom and KTM X-Bow competitor. Designed by Lucas Lopez, the Donto P1 sports the face clearly inspired by the Audi R8 and a powertrain by the German carmaker’s 2.0-liter FSI unit.

By combining carbon fiber, Kevlar and fiber-reinforced polymer with a stainless-steel FIA-homologated chassis, Donto Motors has managed to keep the P1’s weight down to a trim 630 kg. Combine that with the 300hp from the Audi unit and you’re looking at one tasty package. Riding on 18-inch alloys with a removable steering wheel and small Plexiglass windscreen, the Donto Pi looks to have all the right track-toy ingredients and will enter a limited production run (if demand is there) priced somewhere in the region of $55k-$70k.

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